Wed, February 3, 1943

Took my 2nd shots today. One cholera & one Typhus. My arms are pretty sore. We were assigned to our combat unit. Known as “F” at the present. We drilled this afternoon & got our equipment ready to go on the march tomorrow. Will be gone 3 days to a week. We leave at 7 in the morning. Everybody is restricted to the post tonite. That’s our unit.


Thu, February 4, 1943

What a day. We arrived at our camp at 10:00 & drilled 1 hour & 1/2 hour gas mask drill. Then in the afternoon we hiked up over a large mountain then marched while several of the boys had cameras trained on us. At 5:00 we quit & ate and after supper we had a song fest. Was in bed at 8:00.


Fri, February 5, 1943

Up at 6:00 & hiked in the dark 4 miles & then skirmished several times. Back and ate, then another march of 5 miles, rested & had an instruction, then started back. Had several gas drills then came back to camp to dinner. After dinner we drilled again & then at 3:00 we cleaned up camp & had retreat & left for base. We arrived here at 4:00 & then had the rest of the day off. Bed early.


Sat, February 6, 1943

We drilled all day & then the big boy gave us the rest the day off at 3:30. Went home & was sure glad to see the family.  That old bed of mine sure felt good.


Sun, February 7, 1943

Carl & Mary Scritchfield came over in the afternoon & we had quite a visit. They brought the baby over & in the evening we went to the China Cafe & had dinner. Mary brought me back to camp at 10:45. We have a 11:00 bed check for we are going on the range.


Mon, February 8, 1943

Had camera instruction most of all day. Learned to load & unload magazines out and in the dark. We studied three different cameras & also how to load the cameras. It was really interesting work. We were supposed to go out on the rifle range, but it was cancelled.


Tue, February 9, 1943

Had a rifle drill all morning & then I tried to get our units equipment for maneuvers but could not as our records are not in shape yet. I’ll have to stay behind & get started on them. We had our second round of shots at 5:00 & they really hit me. I will sleep in tonite you bet. 


Wed, February 10, 1943

The outfit left this morning for 4 days maneuvers up at the same place we went our first time out. I stayed behind for I have to get our Unit Property Book started & check all clothing records & see that they are all there. Went down town to see the Red Cross about helping with Rosemary’s operation. Do not think they are going to be much help. Felt rather punk today.


Fri, February 12, 1943

The outfit got back today & what a tired bunch of boys. We have an inspection tomorrow. All the combat groups.


Sat, February 13, 1943

Passed the inspection all OK & for the good showing we get the rest of the day off. Have to sign the pay roll first & then we are off. We left about 2:30 & I stopped over to bro Harry’s for a few drinks.


Mon, February 15, 1943

We left for camp again & will stay until Friday. We left camp at 6:30 & arrived up here at 8:30. We beded our bunks & then had close order drill all morning. In the afternoon, I was taught how to load & unload a K-20 aerial camera & how to use it. I think it’s a honey.

Tue, February 16, 1943

More drill rifle & had a march this morn for about 3 miles. This afternoon I had instruction on a Mitchell camera., a 35 millimeter. I can now set it up & take it down.


Wed, February 17, 1943

Still drilling and had my first guard today from 10 to 12. This afternoon we had more more Mitchell instructions.


Thu, February 18, 1943

I had to instruct two recruits on the use of a rifle on the range and how to handle their piece. This afternoon I was given instruction on how to set up & take down an Ackley camera.


Fri, February 19, 1943

This morning we had a test in the field & had a defensive & had an offensive battle & we took pictures of it. I used the K-20 & took 8 shots of the battle. I think there good. We left at 2:30 & was on our way back home at 5:00. I took Mary & family & Jean Hawn & Al Manderlero to a dance in Burbank.


Sat, February 20, 1943

We had inspection this morn & had some snappy drill & then had the rest of the day off. Al Mandelero, Jean Harm & Bobbie O’Neal and myself proceeded to get about 1/2 intoxicated & had a swell time. Took Jean home at 9:00 & then we finished at 2:00.


Sun, February 21, 1943

Spent the day home & went to church at 11:00. After church we all went out out & had Chop Suey. Played with the kids the rest of the day. Have to get up at 5:00. It’s rainy all day.


Mon, February 22, 1943

We left camp this morn at 6:30 on the march & marched up to our camp 12 miles in a driving rain. We were all soaked when we arrived at 11:00. One good thing they had hot coffee for us when we arrived. It took 2 hours to get enough wood to start a fire. They gave us the afternoon off. So I got caught up on my diary.

Tue, February 23, 1943

Still rained all day today and is still raining. The camp is like a sea of mud. We had no revellie this morning and after breakfast we spent the morning having lectures. After dinner I and Eugene Haun changed toilets in our cabin. Someone had busted the one & we put in a new one. We are having a show tonite, “Turn About” & “Hay Foot.” I guess I’ll go see it.

Wed, February 24, 1943

The rain finally gave up the ghost & at noon the sun was out. All morning we had 50 cal machine gun, 30 cal machine gun & dry firing. I put my 3 shots on top of each other & was champ that day anyway. The afternoon was given over to camera instruction & I was in the Akeley magazine loading class. We had a show tonite, “Tanks a Million” and “Topper.” I saw “Topper” before so came back to the cabin & wrote some letters.


Thu, February 25, 1943

I had to stand guard from 6 to 8 & then went in and saw the movies. I missed the first one but the last one was a good one. They told us our unit was to leave early in the morning. Our unit was soon to be activated.

Fri, February 26, 1943

We left camp at 7:30 to come in. We are called to leave in a short time. All of us were very excited. None of us can wait to get over there. We sang & cut up all the way back to camp. After we got in we setup an office & the boys started getting shots that needed them. It’s rumored we leave this month. Hot dog.


Sat, February 27, 1943

We finished up fixing up our headquarters & our supply room. We had to use an old dressing room trailer for our office and cleaned out one of the buildings for our supplies. They let us go home at noon and at 1:00 we left & went out to see Kelly & Edna Brenner. Bobbie came over later & we went out & made a few beer drinks.

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