Tue, February 1, 1944

Doc told me today that he was going to have another x-ray of my chest done to see if I was cleared up OK. He is also going to have them look over my back while I am here. It has bothered me quite a lot lately and keeps me from resting well at night. I called up our unit today to find out what happened to my mail after I failed to receive any when the mail boy came around. Its been since the 26 of Dec since I’ve had any mail from home. Was KP today at noon & tonite. Took a shower & am going to bed early tonite.


Wed, February 2, 1944

Well I was put on KP again, I must of done too good a job. I received 25 letters from the unit today & spent most of the afternoon reading them. I received 17 from the English friends and 3 from the boys & one from Mary & Kelly. Mrs Lynch and Warner’s & Local 727 and Carl Scrichfield & a Xmas card from Ann & Aunt Lucy. I answered 6 of them tonite. Warner’s sent me a $5.00 check & Local 727 a check for 1 cent. I hope to be out of here by Sat. My back and ass is sure tired of laying & sitting around.


Thu, February 3, 1944

Today was the doctor’s day off so I guess I’ll have to wait another day to find out how long I’ll be here. Laid around most of the day & played Monopoly most of the day.


Fri, February 4, 1944

Doc came around and told me that they would x-ray my back soon. I went over to Orthopedic Clinic this afternoon and had a Major look me over. Said he would have some x-rays taken. They had another raid tonite.

Sat, February 5, 1944

Was put to cleaning up bed side tables for inspection today. I scrubbed 30 of them this morning. Got 4 air mails from Hazel.  She sure wrote me a newsy letter. This afternoon went to x-ray & they took five pictures of my back & sacroiliac. I’ll probably find out about it Monday. We got our cigarette rations tonite. I’m sure hungry.

Sun, February 6, 1944

Nothing happened much today. This morning washed & scrubbed the side tables and cleaned the cigarette cans. At dinner and supper I was KP again. We get our rations today. One man left & a new one came in. Going to be early tonite.

Mon, February 7, 1944

Doc said I ran a temperature Sun so I guess I’ll have to hang around this dump a little longer. I’ll go nuts if it’s for very long. Went to the show tonite & saw “Holy Matrimony.” It was fun. My bed mate left on his furlough today. He & I came in here together.

Tue, February 8, 1944

Still in the hell hole and am gradually dwindling away to a mere shadow. Nothing new to add.

Wed, February 9, 1944

Doc said today that as soon as the reports from my back x-rays come in I am free to go. They had lost them when I was over to get my dog tags. I hope they find them by in the morning, Went to the show but it turned out to be a lecture on incendiaries so everybody left. Ready. Took a shower & to bed.

Thu, February 10, 1944

Doc told me I could leave tomorrow. Hurrah. I was put on KP as a departing gift. I’ve been like a caged lion all day. I can’t wait to leave this place. Hope I have some mail from home awaiting me.

Fri, February 11, 1944

Well I was released today at 12:00 and left in the ambulance for London at 3:15. Took Eva to dinner & the show tonite & again an air raid. They dropped a few bombs and a few got it. I took her back to her billet at 10:30 & saw Jean & Gamble at the ARC and went over to there room & helped killed a qt. of Scotch & stayed there with them. The First Sgt. & a driver is going to take me back with them in the morning in the weapon carrier.


Sat, February 12, 1944

Was up at 9:00 and at 11:00 we were on our way. Stopped on the way at a little tea place & I ate 4 fresh eggs & bacon, tea & fried bread. I was starved almost from the hospital chow. Arrived here at 2:00 got my mail & none from my family. I’m concerned now that love can’t be to great when they’re driving me nuts slowly by not writing. Oh well. The Capt. is leaving for Scotland for 7 days & he said if I wanted 8 or 10 days he would let me go any place. I’m going to spend it resting at Mrs. Wiseman’s in Braintree. I was sure glad to get back to the boys. I’ve lost 18# & am a little weak but OK I guess. Margaret sent me a picture of Ronnie & Rosemary. Boy was I glad to receive that. I’ll thank her forever for those wonderful letters. Going to bed early.


Sun, February 13, 1944

Got ready to go on my furlough tomorrow, Capt. said I could leave for 8 days as sort of a rest cure. Am going to Mrs. Wiseman’s in Braintree.


Mon, February 14, 1944

Went to QM this morning & got rations tickets & left with Bobbie at 10:00 by truck for Braintree. We were there at 12:00 and Mom was sure glad to see me. She called Eva & told her I had a week off. Bobbie came back after dinner & I had quite a visit. She put two hot water bottles in my bed & gave me a pair of her sons pajamas. I was in bed at 9:00 & boy what a bed.


Tue, February 15, 1944

Was woke up this morning with a cup of tea & a telegram from Eva saying she got her leave too & was coming home. She arrived at 6:00 this evening & I was sure glad to see her. I had been doing some work on a silk parachute I had used to jump with & put a 8th AAF insignia & my name & unit on it. I had it almost finished when Eva came home. Had a good visit & played a few games of dominoes.


Wed, February 16, 1944

Eva sewed up my scarf and put the tassels on it today. Mom made me a big apple pie & I had fresh eggs again for breakfast this morning. The neighbor of Mrs. Wiseman’s is coming over tonite to play dominoes. Mrs. W. & I stood them & won. The neighbor then invited us down Fri nite to play darts. Eva finished my scarf & after the company left I drew her insignia on a piece of silk for her & my insignia & name on the other end.


Thu, February 17, 1944

Went to the show today & saw “Bomber Moon.” Mrs. Wiseman and I played dominoes in the eve & Eva & Mrs. W. worked on their sewing. Had another pie today, roast pork, mashed potatoes, parsnips, biscuits, jam & butter & a neighbor brought over a gal of fresh milk for me. London had a big raid tonite.


Fri, February 18, 1944

Went to the show again this afternoon & saw the “Trunk Mystery.” In the eve we went to play darts & had a swell time. I was the first yank in these people’s place and they took a shine to me. There two boys asked a million questions about the Air Force. Both want the war to last so they can be pilots. Eva finished her work on the scarf & has to sew it up now. We invited the people back to play rummy Monday nite. Went home at 10:00 & had tea & cakes & went to bed. Eva had walked down town that morning and her & her mother had bought me a couple of pair of socks & used coupons at that. They had them in my pajamas when I went to bed with a card. What swell people.


Sat, February 19, 1944

Left for London on the early train & was in there by noon. Took in a show & went on a tour. That eve they had a big raid & plenty of bombs & incendiaries. Saw some of the boys, had a few drinks & ate at Lyon’s Cornerhouse. Was in bed by midnite after the raid was over.

Sun, February 20, 1944

Slept until 11:00 today. Had breakfast & went to Wide Wing to see the gang, Fred West and the boys. As luck would have it they were out on a job & I didn’t get to see any of them. At 12:30 was back in London & took in the pubs until they closed at 2:30. Then went to a show in the evening & Jerry almost broke it up with another raid. They are getting closer together now and are aimed at London. Boy what noise. I was in bed at 1:00 after shooting the bull with a gang at the ARC.


Mon, February 21, 1944

Left for Braintree at 8:30 & was in there at 11:00. I saw Eva from the bus window doing some shopping so I got off & finished with her & walked home with her. She had made two hankies to go with my scarf & finished her scarf & Mrs. W. had knitted me a pair of bed room slippers all while I was gone. She had a nice dinner and another pie and that eve for tea I had about 8 hot cakes with jam & honey & butter. All day I drank milk. I weighed while I was in London and I weighed 10 stone, 140#. I sure put on the weight while I have been here. The neighbors came & all of us played rummy until 10:00 then had tea & cake & turned in. Boy I’m sure going to hate to leave here & Mrs. Wiseman & all are also going around with long faces. I took 2 rolls of 16 mm of their place & a snow storm & vapor trails.


Tue, February 22, 1944

Left Braintree at 1:00 & was in London at 4:30. Eva went to her billet to take her clothes & I went to the Victory RC & got a room & met Eva at 5:00. We took in GI Hobby show & then went to see”For Whom the Bell Tolls.” It was was a swell pic. Took Eva home for she was on fire watch at 11:15. I had no more than left when the fire works started. Jerry was sure persistent & started lots of fires with incendiaries & bombs.  I helped fight two fires & recovered several dead incendiaries. I sure was tired when I got to bed at 2:30 in the morning. You could still see several red glows over London where the fires were still burning. Poor Eva I bet she had to work hard alright.


Wed, February 23, 1944

Left London at 8:20 this morning and arrived at Bury St. Edmunds at 12:30. Fixed up my bed & unpacked my clothes. Was in bed early for I was tired. No sleep in the ARC beds for anyone


Thu, February 24, 1944

Slept most of the day & got caught up on my mail that came while I was on furlough. They had a big raid in London last nite.

Fri, February 25, 1944

Had a 4 hour trip today trying hard to get my flying time in. The Capt. said he was going to put me in charge of supply. He’s in London now & will be back Sat or Sun. Went to the show & saw a pretty fair pic, had a few beers & then to bed.


Sat, February 26, 1944

Put in to see if I could get discharged today. Don’t know if I can crack it or not. Went up for a practice mission & got 4 hours in. Went over to the EM dance that nite & drank beer & had only one dance. Gamble & I & Haun killed 2 qt scotch. Zusser helped. We were all happy at midnite. I really needed that drunk to blow off steam.

Sat, February 27, 1944

We had to get up early & have our teeth checked today. Mine were OK. Went out after lunch to go up & the starboard motor caught fire before takeoff & we had to cancel it. Went to the show in the evening & the tubes burnt out at about the finish.

Mon, February 28, 1944

Sacks, Capt. Culver, Lt. Barthlomew, Lt. McCarty went on a raid to Pas de Calais in France today. Went to the show tonite & saw Barb Stanwick & Gary Copper in “Ball Fire.” Nothing exciting happened today.


Tue, February 29, 1944

Went up on a practice flight this afternoon. Was a two hour flight. I did not get paid again this month & since my return from the hospital. I could only get in 10 hours flying time. Wrote some letters tonite. My daughter wrote she wanted to get married and asked my advice. I gave her the go sign. Tex, Randolph and a new lad went on a raid to Brunswick today. I was up at 2:00 am ate & helped them get ready to take off.

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