Fri, February 26, 1943

We left camp at 7:30 to come in. We are called to leave in a short time. All of us were very excited. None of us can wait to get over there. We sang & cut up all the way back to camp. After we got in we setup an office & the boys started getting shots that needed them. It’s rumored we leave this month. Hot dog.


Sat, February 26, 1944

Put in to see if I could get discharged today. Don’t know if I can crack it or not. Went up for a practice mission & got 4 hours in. Went over to the EM dance that nite & drank beer & had only one dance. Gamble & I & Haun killed 2 qt scotch. Zusser helped. We were all happy at midnite. I really needed that drunk to blow off steam.

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