Thu, January 14, 1943

Well I went back to work today. Got here at 6:45 found out revelle had been discontinued, that is roll call. Didn’t have to go to work till 8:00. While I was away in La my friend Schindler got his job taken by a cut throat Jew named Crusiene & he worked hell out of me. He doesn’t like my brothers so he took it out on me. I’m either getting out of this dept. or going awol or into the guard house.


Fri, January 14, 1944

(Happy Birthday), Rosemary, it’s all I could (give).

My orders were cut today for the rest home & I was supposed to leave the field at 8:30 but everybody over slept so I did not get away until 10:00. Arrived in London at 2:00 & then checked in at the Red Cross there & went out to Kingston to see some friends. My train leaves at 6:45 tomorrow morning. I could not get a room at the RC at London for I was on orders, so I left my bags & when I got to Kingston I found a room at Surbiton. I went out & paid 10 s for it but when I went back at midnite the hotel was locked & I couldn’t get in so I had to walk 3 miles, catch an early morn train to London. Arrived at RC there at 3:30 & slept in a chair until six. Some day.


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