Sat, January 16, 1943

Took the day off & went home. Got my “C” gas card today. Stopped by Buff & Hazel’s before lunch & at 9:00 that eve went home. Boy what a time. I forgot to get Mary & she had to take the street car home. Had lots of fun.


Sun, January 16, 1944

Was going to church this morning but slept too late. The other boy from my field was in bed when I came in. He is about all nerves. In fact, I thought I was bad but he’s worse than I. We had breakfast together & then walked up town. It was cold & foggy out so we did not stay long. Came back at 1:00, ate dinner, then after writing some letters we came up and took a nap. They had a dinner dance here today from 5 to 10. I dropped in after 6:30 and had a fair time. Danced most of my dances with a Ministry of Labor girl, Stephi. She was rather entertaining in her talk & I found out lots about the English mannerisms. Her name is Dons & she plans on going to Calif with Dad & Mother after the war.


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