Sat, July 17, 1943

Well we went to ____ and photographed the transfer of fields today. It was a success & the Lt. let me go on into London from there when we finished. I had till Monday morning off so I tore out. I visited HQ & the boys & went to the Red Cross for a show Sat nite.


Mon, July 17, 1944

Was told at 12:00 today the mission was on. We took off at 1:20 for the other field & to be briefed there. After we arrived there we learned that our part in it was scrubbed & that higher HQ decided not to risk the Mosquito  for the job so that left me out of one of the biggest things to be pulled off by our force. Coming back my pilot went up to 32,000 ft. & we cruised around for about a half hour. It was beautiful up there & all thoughts of the world were far behind & it made you feel so small & God so big. You could almost hear the angels sing. After I landed the pilot told me we had at one time been going over 400 mph. My ear drum of my left ear bothered me a lot all evening. Mac said that I would soon leave for Thurleigh to be with the other boys & fly from there.


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