Sun, July 4, 1943

Went to church this morning at 10:00. It was a very old church and near the Westminster Cathedral. It’s a military church & about 60 ATS girls attended in a group. There was every kind of uniform you could name there. I took pictures of the cathedral and several shots of Piccadilly. I met Barney at noon & we started out again. We went to Covent Gardens to a dance & after we had hamburger steaks at the American cafe. Then we went to the American Red Cross at Euston & went to another dance. My girl & I was the last on the floor in the waltz contest & we got to cut the cake. Had a swell time & left Barney at 2:15 Mon morning. I hated to bid him goodbye but there’s a war on so perhaps I’ll see him again. 


Tue, July 4, 1944

No entry.


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