Thu, June 17, 1943

No entry.


Sat, June 17, 1944

Left Pinetree (High Wycombe) a 7:00 & arrived Graves Air Field loaded our trailers & Jeeps in a C-64 & took off at 10:40 for France. We landed there at 11:45 at the air strip just built at St. Pierre unloaded our equipment & ate dinner of K-rations and then proceeded to HQ of the 9th AF at La Grandc Chaloupe(?). We were given billets in a French home that had formerly been the German HQ there. We had to clean up the rooms & while doing that  ran across several souvenirs. I got a pair of wings off a uniform and a German Iron cross 2 on class with swords & a few other things. The first thing I had to get from the French was a broom & what a time I had making them understand. When I returned  it I was given two glasses of wine. I gave the lady a bar of chocolate in return. The old gent next door gave us a big bunch of flowers after we had given him a cigarette. Flew over two targets & photo them & in the evening went up town & got several glasses of wine. Was in bed early. The ack ack kept us awake all night for Jerry was over trying to bomb the harbor & beach. 


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