Sun, June 20, 1943

Left for gunnery school located at Bovington. We rode up in trucks & left Hurst Park at 12:00 & arrived there around 4:30. Was put into tents & we start to school in the morning. Some mess hall & poor chow.


Tue, June 20, 1944

Up at 6:00 and Augre & I walked to chow . After chow loaded our cameras & was off to Longues at 8:30. There was six 6in coastal Gen emplacements there that the 8th had bombed & we had to photograph the damage. One gun had the barrel broken in three pieces. Around one of the emplacements there were about 10 bicycles all broken & twisted from the concussion. We worked until noon shooting there then ate our field rations and left for Arromanches. Here the bombs did not damage the emplacements so much they were 6ft back. Leaving here we drove Moni Flgan. This was where the British landed & they sure took a beating for all kinds of equipment was knocked out. Landing barges and all. Passed a British grave along side of road & someone had put an iron fence around it & a crucifix on the cross & his helmet. A court yard had several American graves & they were decorated with flowers by the French. The town itself was almost laid flat. The French were salvaging what little they could & had a wave & smile for us as we passed & it was hard knowing you had done the damage. We drove thru Bayeux and here the war had passed by & not a building was hit. People were out in there holiday dress. We dove around town awhile & then back home thru Port En Bessin along the sea & was back in Grandcampe at 6:00. Had chow & after unloading & reloading the magazines hit the sack was all tuckered out.


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