Mon, March 1, 1943

No entry.

Wed, March 1, 1944

The boys went to France today to the Palis Calais area to bomb. Sacks and Capt. Culver. Lt. Barthlomew & Lt. McCarthy. The trip was a milk run as far as fighters go but Bart & Sacks each had a slit in their flack helmet where flack had hit them. It was a good thing they had them on or they would be goners. Went to the show tonite. It wasn’t very good but it helped kill time.

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  1. Ron O'Neal

    The Pale of Calais was a territory in Northern France ruled by the monarchs of England from 1347 to 1558. The area, which was taken following the Battle of Crécy in 1346 and the subsequent siege of Calais, was confirmed at the Treaty of Brétigny in 1360. It became an important economic centre for England in Europe’s textile trade centred in Flanders.

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