Fri, March 12, 1943

Still packing. Went to the dance with 10 of the boys from the unit. All had a swell time. Mary & Rosemary were there & we sang a couple of songs for the dance & all in all we had a good time.


Sun, March 12, 1944

Was up at 11:00 had breakfast & at 12 went to the pub with Gene & Mr. Coxson. We stayed there until it closed at 2:30 then went home and had a lovely dinner. It was my birthday party & they were sure swell. At 6:00 I left and went to London & took Eva to the show saw His Butler’s Sister. It was a riot & after the show went to the Corner House & ate. Had Eva in by 10:30 & then went to the Red Cross & went to bed. Have to go back in the morning.


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