Sun, March 21, 1943

Went to 12:00 mass & at 2:00 Albert called & I went to N. Holly to pick him & his girl Rosemary up. We then drove to the beach & came back & then Mary & I & Al & Rosemary went to the Florentine Gardens. We had a swell time & Albert was the host. He bought a bottle of Burgundy champagne & we had a wonderful dinner & saw a swell show. Mary & I danced two dances & we took them home & was in bed at 1:30.


Tue, March 21, 1944

No entry.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    The Florentine Gardens is a nightclub in Hollywood, California, at 5955 Hollywood Boulevard, opened on December 28, 1938 by restaurateur Guido Braccini. The building was designed by architect Gordon B. Kaufmann and featured a European garden motif. Manager and emcee Nils Granlund

    The original Florentine Gardens was a restaurant serving Italian food that also offered dancing and live entertainment – often of the burlesque variety. The venue seated over 1000 patrons for dinner and was popular with American servicemen on leave in Hollywood during World War II.

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