Sat, March 6, 1943

Went home at 5 after sleeping on my cot from 1:00 till then. We saw our first three pictures. Learn & Live, Identification of a Jap Zero, and a Xmas short taken by Combat Crews. They were all pretty good. They were the first ones and I was in several scenes. Went over to visit Bob & Clara & had a few drinks. Mary & Ronnie & I went to the show in Van Nuys. I slept thru both of them. I was tired & the drinks sort of made me sleepy.


Mon, March 6, 1944

Well got up at 3:00 this morning and ate at 3:30 & was in briefing at 4:00. The target was Berlin. We took off at 8:00 and was over the target around noon. Boy it was sure rough & fighters were everywhere. Under, over, and sideways. We dropped our bombs & as we turned I saw several Forts of the last formation going down. The flack was almost solid. We lost one plane from our field and had several wounded & one plane shot up pretty bad. We got back at 4:30 and was I wore out. I got some pretty good film & at least I had my wish of hitting Berlin. I had a letter from Mary when I got back & a birthday card from Mrs. Lynch. No birthday cards from my family yet or a greeting. I can’t figure what’s wrong with them. The rocket guns & flack guns just as our bombs was away came up & it looked they were going to get us but went on thru the formation. Our bombs dropped exactly where they had fired from. Boy what damage. Fires & smoke everywhere.


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