Tue, May 11, 1943

Had a very nice rest last nite. My first one since I left Calif friday. They put on a diner this morning for us. It’s still raining and cloudy out. We arrived in New Jersy at at 10:30 and after crossing the harbor in a ferry left for camp in a bus at 11:00. Old New York looks the same to me as it did in 1916. We arrived in Ft. Hamilton at 12:00 and after given us our barracks we ate. After lunch they gave us a clothing shakedown and issued us clothing to protect us from gas & new clothing for our old stuff. We went to personnel office and I took out a $25.00 bond a month. We had the rest of the day off. The boys that live in NY got to go home. Hussy got to to see his baby for the first time. The rest of us went to the PX & got our hair cut real short & had several beers. After we attended the show for 15¢. At 9:30 we had a black out and it lasted until 10:45. I was in our room called the Sgt’s Nookey & was in bed by 11:00.


Thu, May 11, 1944

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