Sun, May 16, 1943

Slept until 9:00 and when I awoke it was one of those dull dismal days & I think before it is over I’ll have a good case of the blues. Geo Band and I went to the Club & had breakfast then went to writing room and I sent letters home. At 12:00 we went to mass and after that to the Club again and had a sandwich. I slept until 4:30 and Cpl. Wood let me have his pass and Sgt. Barthelmew & I went to N. York. We visited the Stage Door Canteen, Grand Central Terminal, then went to the USO on Park Ave. and got 2 tickets to the Corn is Green with Ethel Barrymore. It was a swell show and we enjoyed it very much. We saw Radio City and spent 15 min in the St. Patrick’s Cathederal. What a breath taking place. I said a few prayers for the family & walked around & looked at all the altars. They have about 15 altars for saints there. We came back at 12:30 well satisfied.


Tue, May 16, 1944

We are all settled in our building & we have a 2 story home, two of them,  & each two men have a room with a fire place, it’s sure swell & Gene & I have ours fixed up swell already. Started unloading our trucks this morning & by night had some semblance of order. Was sure tired.


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