Mon, May 17, 1943

Well we had a field demonstration of the poisonous gas today. We had to run thru the cloud without masks on, several of the boys got excited and breathed in some of the fumes & were pretty sick boys for awhile. All the Non Coms went to McGovern’s home in NY or rather the Bronx for dinner. We had a swell time and met Mack’s 5 sisters. They sure were swell & had fixed a nice dinner for us. We consumed a gallon of whiskey during the evening.  We danced, sang & had fun in general. Our passes were good until 6 in the morning so we didn’t get until about 3:30 in the morning. It was worth it tho.


Wed, May 17, 1944

This should have been May 10th.

Transferred Sahs, Deardon, Stuttifind, Fullerton out of the unit today. They were sure hot about it but they had not been of any good to the unit since they came in & so they had to go. No one that cannot fly will be kept in the unit. We might yet have a good outfit. They seem to be pretty good Joe’s .


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