Thu, May 27, 1943

We have heard almost every kind of a rumor. First a pack of subs trailed us all night & we had to run for it & that one surfaced right near us and shot at us and we missed another’s torpedo. I let them go in one ear and out the other. Have done very good playing poker. Don’t win too much but everyday 2 or 3 dollars. I was $15.00 ahead when we docked and it sure helped until we got paid. We have fire & boat drill everyday & it’s sure a mess getting us all to our stations. It don’t take long tho for we never undress except our shoes & we have to wear our life preservers whenever we leave the stateroom. We turned north about six days out & boy did it get cold & windy. It rained one day all day. It was spread around we done that for extra precaution for we were now in waters where wolf sub packs roamed about.


Sat, May 27, 1944

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