Fri, May 28, 1943

When they issued us our canned rations we were told under no circumstances could we eat them until given orders. Some of the outfits started eating there’s & we had been sitting around our room talking of the good things to eat we had at home & different places. We got so hungry we went around and offered $2.00 for a 8oz. can of pork & beans & even offered one fellow $1.00 for 1/2 can. But no soup. I offered a KP who was mopping the halls 50¢ a piece for any kind of sandwich but he could not make the grade. One morn the KP’s was unloading oranges from the hold next to us. As they wheeled them by we would grab an orange if we could get one out of the cracks. Then on of our gang would kick in the side of the box and as it went by we would all grab. The officer in charge soon got wise altho the KP didn’t care and we had to stop. I had almost a dozen by that time. One nite we sneaked into the officer’s mess for someone had forgot to lock the door & stole all the ketchup, chili sauce, & beef steak sauce we could find. In fact that’s all we could find.


Sun, May 28, 1944

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