Mon, May 3, 1943

We drilled this morning & played volley ball. In the afternoon we played some more volley ball and at 3:00 we were called into formation & were told we were restricted to the post & was told not to phone or communicate with anybody. I got permission to call Mary up for she was coming out tonite. I told her she could not come out tonite & that was the hardest thing for me to say. I was sure glad I went home over the weekend. God alone knows when we will see each other again. But whatever is to happen I am ready & prepared for it. We saw a show tonite. It wasn’t to bad but it took a lot of things off our minds. I hope they do not worry to much at home. For mother is going to have her hands plenty full with Rosemary’s operation & all & me too worrying her.


Wed, May 3, 1944

No entry.


Thu, May 3, 1945

Heard today all men over 42 years old will be discharged if they desire. Have a notion to try it.


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