Sun, May 30, 1943

It was some sight when we went up on deck to see land. Boy did it look good. It was the coast of Ireland. We had quite a time getting to where we could see it for everybody had the same idea.  We went around the northern end  & then entered the Irish Sea. It was good to see boats & land on both sides of you. We went on down the coast & the afternoon we stopped & laid out in the channel for 24 hours before we moved then we docked at Liverpool about 3:30 in the afternoon. There was lots to see & there was an English Soldier band playing for us but the boys broke it up when they tossed cigarettes to them. What a scramble. Took our first bath tonight. Fresh water & hot. I laid in the tub for almost an hour & did those clean clothes feel good. We are to leave the boat some time tonite. That is our last day & our 9th day.


Tue, May 30, 1944

No entry.


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