Sun, May 9, 1943

I spent another night of rolling & tossing. Had breakfast at 8:15 and in another hour we have to set up our watches another hour. Played Gin Rummy with Lt. Edwards until church time. Pvt 1st Class Elliot held services in one end of the car for the Protestants and the Catholic boys said our prayers in the other end. I said the rosary. It was over in 1/2 hour & Lt. and I continued Gin Rummy again. We only played a short time when we stopped for awhile & we got out and walked around. The boys were sore because I played cards with the Lt. and I told them if that’s how they wanted it OK but they were surely going about it the wrong way but I’d do it if that’s how they really wanted it. Cpl Hill got demoted to a Private and restricted to the car the rest of the trip. We got into KC at 8:00 & went in groups of 5 up to the station to walk & look around until 8:45. Old KC looked good but I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach as I got off. We are pulling out now & I’m going to try and get some rest tonite. We are arriving in Chicago at 7:30 in the morning.


Tue, May 9, 1944

No entry.


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