Sun, November 1, 1942

Went to church at 10:00 and spent the day home. Bud Sharky & his wife & I & my family went for a visit to the RKO Ranch. After supper Bud & his wife came over & stayed until 1:00. We had a few drinks & a little fun.

Mon, November 1, 1943

Got up this morning at 7:30 and after breakfast we played three games of volley ball. The Col here came down & joined us for the last two games. Went to town after I got my $90.00 I was short and cabled home $34.00. It should be there in 5 days. We had sort of a rebellion today. The boys were all pissed off on the way Capt Culver is treating them. We discussed it with Lt. McGovern & things came out I didn’t even know happened. We are supposed to have a meeting with the Capt tomorrow. I wont be here for I was notified I am to work with Lt. Col Kugley for 4 weeks to a couple of months by order of Com General. I am going to try while I am working to get to go back to the states with him. I pray it works.


Wed, November 1, 1944

Left Ogden at 9:00, stopped at Walla Walla, WA, Spokane, Portland. Arrived at Sacramento, CA at 7:10 & was taken by ambulance to the DeWitt Gen hospital at Auburn, CA. Checked in there at 9:00.

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