Wed, November 18, 1942

Went to the show last nite & saw a fairly good show. Not much happened today only thank God. We will be finished tonite & leave Thu noon. A big transport was pulling into the harbor this morn as we were leaving for location. There were lots of destroyers & sub chasers in the harbor too. A big convoy must have returned successfully. They had an alert here today & all guns were manned on the Fort. It was rumored that several Jap ships were sighted off the coast. No body.


Thu, November 18, 1943

Got it fixed up today to get Byron in our unit. Got the paper from our outfit and it has to go to his CO. It shouldn’t take long going thru. Jean & Byron & I went into Hunnington & had us a few scoth & beers. We drove over in Jean’s truck & was back at 11:00 Had a very good time.

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