Mon, November 23, 1942

No entry.


Tue, November 23, 1943

We were up at 6:45 and was supposed to start shooting at 7:30. We stood by until 9:30 then moved into the the Briefing Room. We got all set up by noon & was supposed to start at 2:00. By 2:30 they had a briefing on & we had to wait. About 4:00 36 B-26’s from my old outfit had to land here for their field was fogged in. One of the pilots I flew with several times went down on the raid., Maj Roseabach. We did not get to do anymore & this eve we saw the film we shot so far. It was all OK. I’m going to write letters tonite. Got a letter today from Irv Silbert in New Caledonia.

Thu, November 23, 1944

Had a swell Thanksgiving dinner at sister’s. Showed the films I brought back with me.


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