Fri, November 27, 1942

We really had a fine dinner at sister’s Thanksgiving & had a wonderful time. Took Rosemary’s boy friend to camp at Pasadena & then Murphy & I hitched a ride back to our base. Was late for roll call & got called into the First Kick’s office. Got out of it alright.


Sat, November 27, 1943

We were on the set at 8:00 after eating & was finished by 10:30 in the mess. We then went back to the briefing room & shot our first shot at 4:30. After having trouble getting the officers, one Col here had to chew someone out to get them down here. It seems like we are having a lot of trouble getting cooperation here. We finished at 5:30 & I wrote letters after & Byron & I had a few beers & then Byron took me over & fed me a big thick steak fried in butter.


Mon, November 27, 1944

Was going to fly back but TWA cancelled my ride, no priority. Took the Streamliner back to the hospital at DeWitt. Arrived there at midnite.

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