Sun, November 29, 1942

Found out today we are leaving on location for L.A., will be gone anyway until after Xmas. This is going to be punk Xmas without being with the family. Windy came over & we went to 12:00 mass. They had the high mass, the start of 40 hours, very beautiful services. Mary & I went over to Bud Sharkey’s house until 9:00. Mary & I was tired so to bed.


Mon, November 29, 1943

We got up at 8:00 this morn & ate, gassed up & left Bury. Drove over to Cambridge to pickup celotex & no go. The papers had not been turned in so they wouldn’t let me have it. Arrived in London at 3:00, parked the truck in a garage & went to the Columbia Club. S S S and then went to the Corner House for dinner. After we took in a show & then went back had a snack & wrote two letters & then hit the hay. Have to get up early in the morn.

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  1. Ron O'Neal

    S S S = shit, shave, & shower

  2. Ron O'Neal

    The J. Lyons flagship shops were the London Corner Houses situated on or near the corners of Coventry Street, the Strand and Tottenham Court Road. They were started in 1909 and remained until 1977. They were gigantic places with food being served on four or five floors. In its heyday the Coventry Street Corner House served about 5000 covers and employed about 400 staff. There were hairdressing salons, telephone booths and even at one point a food delivery service. For a time the Coventry Street Corner House was open 24 hours a day.

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