Thu, November 5, 1942

No entry.


Fri, November 5, 1943

Went out to the studios at Pinewood & Denham & picked out our equipment. We spent all day but we had very good luck & got everything we needed. The girl that drove us knew of a nice place to eat & drink & Ernie Simpson & I really was about ½ high we returned to London. The Col was well pleased with our trip & now we have to stick around until the pic is to go.


Sun, November 5, 1944

In San Francisco to see Leonard Clark who is with the Winged Victory Show. Saw the show & made the rounds after. Bobbie is down here with me.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    1. Pinewood & Denham were movie studios.

    2. Winged Victory is a 1943 play by Moss Hart, created and produced by the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II as a morale booster and as a fundraiser for the Army Emergency Relief Fund. Hart adapted the play for a 1944 motion picture directed by George Cukor.

    3. Bobbie is Robert Schlegal O’Neal, son of Robert Clinton O’Neal my dad’s brother,

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