Thu, October 1, 1942

Went on sick call today & stayed in bed all day. Listened to St. Louis beat the Yankees 4-3. Went uptown after retreat & went to Jimmie Canes house. Don Triano came over & we played a few games of pool & then went to the dance at the Palladium. Had a few dances then went to Ace Cains & finished up there.


Fri, October 1, 1943

Well we went to breakfast & they had hot cakes but by the time we got there all we did get was hot cakes, no butter or syrup. We made out tho. Was going to go to see Bart at Bassingboun but the mail came & I got 4 letters. One from Rosemary, one from Margaret Robinson, one from Kelly, & one from Silbert in New Guinea

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