Mon, October 12, 1942

Got up at 5:00 & Mary brought me into Hollywood. I rode out with Phil Wright. Mary is wanting to go to work. I sure hate it that she has to. Worked like hell all day painting signs & getting a set ready to shoot at 5:00 tonite. Went over to the Hollywood Canteen & at 8:30 went to Bob Hope rehearsal for tomorrow nite. Saw Skinny Ennis & Band, Bob Hope, Jerry Colona, Bette Davis (guest star Vera Wange, Frances Langford). Had a swell show. I was back in camp at 10:00, spent 15¢.

Tue, October 12, 1943

Got up at 7:00 this morn & about 9:30 was called to the phone. There was a mission on and a 10:15 briefing. Slate & Mandy were to go & I and Elliot went out to hook up the camera in the plane. Just as we finished Mandy & Slate came out & said London called & grounded all of us. We were to load all of our supplies & equipment in the old lab trailer and stand by for further orders. We started in & by noon was all packed except our equipment and our tent. I don’t know what’s cooking but whatever it is I’ll bet it’s not nice. Capt. Culver is our CO now & Major Titzlaff is going back to the states. I’m in charge here now at present. I finished Ronnie’s birthday pictures & will send them off soon. It’s about time I did. We are getting caught up on our bunk fatigue anyway.

Thu, October 12, 1944

3 boys left this morning by plane for Scotland & then the states. All were litter patients. We should be going soon. I am a litter patient too. Some one said we are going by boat.

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