Wed, October 14, 1942

Not much to write about today. There was a show tonite at the theater, “Topper” & “Battle of Midway.” Mary, Ronnie, Rosemary & Wanda, our neighbors sister, came over to see it. Clara, Bob’s wife, fainted in the show & caused quite a lot of excitement. It was acute indigestion. The family went home at 10:30.


Thu, October 14, 1943

Went to the mess & ate before going to bed last nite. So this morning wasn’t hungry & stayed in bed until 9:30. Went to the Crew Room for coffee & when I returned the Capt had called & all the boys but Slate and I  are going into London. We are to follow somewhere in a few days. The way it looks now our outfit is going to pieces fast. Slate drove them to Chemsford & at 8:30 tonite Lynch called & gave me the low down. We are supposed to go to a B-17 outfit & in a couple of days. Lt. Fitzgerald asked for a transfer and got it. Lt Flintsky is being transferred out too. Lt Hynes is going today & McGovern is getting his commission tomorrow.  Bart put in for a direct commission too. That leaves only Capt Culver now out of the 9 officers that left Culver City with us. Sgt Wood missing in action as Lt Edwards. Col Hill got a medical discharge. Merritt was transferred too. So 20 men & officers left out of 32 men and officers.  

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