Thu, October 15, 1942

Well we painted our first set today. Operations office, 2 rooms. 4 of us started at 7:30 and finished at 5:00. Had no time off after lunch. Boy did we work. Had to run to get to retreat. They gave out the warrants to those that were made NCO’s. I went home tonite. Hitch hiked.


Fri, October 15, 1943

Slate and I are about to go nuts sitting around waiting for something to happen. This evening we went to Braintree & had several drinks. Then at 9:00 we decided we would make a go for London Well we took a bus to Chelmsford & the train was one and a half hours late & on top of that they had an air raid alarm. We did not get into London until 11:45 & too late for anything. We ate a snack at the RC Club & then shot the bull at HQ until 3:00 & caught the 4:30 train back. We had to walk 2 miles to camp and arrived back here at 7:15. Tired but at least a little refreshed.

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