Fri, October 23, 1942

No entry.


Sat, October 23, 1943

Got up this morning & ate & started getting ready for my pass, 48 hrs. One of the boys took me to town at 9:30 & I caught the 10:10 for Braintree. I was invited over for the weekend to the Wiseman’s. I go there at 1:00 & about 2:00 their daughter came home. She’s in the service, the WRENS. We had tea & talked until supper time. After supper I took all of them to the show. Saw a good picture & came home at 10:30 & had tea & then we talked until 12:30, then I hit the hay.


Mon, October 23, 1944

Won $10.00 today in poker. Still fine weather & calm sea.

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