Sat, October 24, 1942

No entry.


Sun, October 24, 1943

Got up at 9:30 had tea in bed. Then breakfast of bacon & sausage. Fooled around until dinner time. We had roast beef, potatoes, gravy, beans, turnips and boy an apple pie. I ate all but two pieces. After dinner we played Gin Rummy until 3:30 the Eva got dressed & we had tea & I went with her to London. I was to meet Jean at 6:00 & didn’t get there till 7:00. I bid Eva goodbye at her tube & I took the other up town. I went to a family of Jean’s friends over in Surbition & spent the evening at a pub. Then returned & sang & played piano until 1:00.


Tue, October 24, 1944

Spent all day making Rosemary a belt of different colored strings. Everybody excited today for we land some time tomorrow.

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