Sun, October 25, 1942

Went home today but was disappointed. Mary went to work Friday at Ralph’s & believe me she was sure cranky. God I’m sorry she went to work.


Mon, October 25, 1943

Got up at 6:00 had tea & was at the train at 6:30 arrived London at 7:30 and got my coat & bag & caught the train at 8:23 for Bury St. Edwards. Got in at 1:00 and called the field. They came after us and when we arrived things were cooking here. We’re getting ready to shoot a news reel of the history of the 8th AAF. Bobbie & 2 of the boys went out to shoot some scenes. We have to have the thing done in a week. Wrote 6 letters tonite then to bed. No letters from home yet. Beginning to worry. 


Wed, October 25, 1944

Arrived in Boston at 11:30 and the band was out to greet us. It was a swell sight to see the good old USA again & know that you’re home. Disembarked at 3:00 to a hospital train. Went to Camp Robert’s Mass. German POW’s were our stretcher bearers.


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