Mon, October 26, 1942

Stood by in the co all day today. Was told that I was going on location tomorrow. I had to load the truck & then get ready to drive it to the location. I passed my test OK & got my driver’s license.

Tue, October 26, 1943

Spent the day straightening up the camera room & building racks for our flying equipment. Most of us will be out for a couple of days on special assignment. After supper we went up to the beer parlor & had several beers. When we got back Capt. Culver told me that I & Bart & Gamble were to go up to Elveden Hall & shoot several scenes tomorrow. I wrote several letters & hit the bed early. Sid Rosenblatt went to the hospital this afternoon he had the flu.


Thu, October 26, 1944

Signed the payroll & got paid today. The RC gave us a party today, music & eats. Went to the show in the evening.


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