Tue October 27, 1942

Left at 4:00 for San Diego Naval Base & shot some shots of the Jap Zero & the U.S. P-40. Sorry to say the Jap Zero had it all over the P-40. We were quartered with the sailors and several of us went to San Diego & went to several beer parlors. Was in bed by 10:00 & glad to be there.


Wed, October 27, 1943

Was up at 7:00 this morning & after breakfast loaded our equipment & left about 10:00. We arrived at the depot at 11:00 & after setting up our lights we went to chow. After chow we hooked up the lights & was all ready to go by 1:00. The sun came out & we went out & shot one exterior scene of the maintenance crews checking the bomb fuses & then we came back to the interior shot of 50 cal shells being loaded into clips & belted. We had two shots but the generator broke down & we had to wait until 3:30 to start. We were finished & back into camp at 5:30. We have two more shots tomorrow to finish there. I lost £2 tonite playing poker. No mail yet. Going to bed early.


Fri, October 27, 1944

The doc was around this morning & I had my ears looked after. Received a telegram from Mary & was very happy about it. The Elks gave us a stage show this evening. It was sure good. Had my first drink of bourbon. 


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