Wed, October 28, 1942

We went to the field at 8:00 this morn. We had to paint the Douglas bomber up & we didn’t do much today. It was cloudy & the sun was dim most of the day.

Thu, October 28, 1943

Up at 7:45 and finished breakfast at 9:30. We loaded our truck and left for _____. It was so foggy we couldn’t shoot so we ate with the WACS at Elveden Hall. We went to the town of _____ after lunch to try and get a hair cut. Closed up. Tried to get a drink. Closed up. Drove back to Bury St. Edmond & tried to get a hair cut they’re closed up. Came back to the field & unloaded & Capt wanted me to rig up lights in the two trailers. Was almost finished by supper time. Mail call brought a letter from Rosemary telling me mother cut her hand bad. I’ll probably not sleep tonite for if I get upset, no sleep. I wrote 4 letters after supper, took a shower & was in bed by 11:00.

Sat, October 28, 1944

Got a 10 hour pass & went to Buzzards Bay with a friend & his brother. His brother bought all drinks & a lobster dinner. Had a swell time & got a little tight.


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