Sat, October 3, 1942

The day passed about as usual only I had my tetanus shot about 4:30. I went up town & ate and at 7:00 went to the opening of the Hollywood Canteen. After 2½ hours got up to the front door & no further. Got to see Rochester & Dinah Shore. I called Mary at 10:00 & she came after me and I went home.


Sun, October 3, 1943

Did not sleep a wink until about 5:00 this morning then had to get up at six. I could not get that gunner off my mind that got killed yesterday. Capt Culver was to go to 7:30 brief and the mission was an airdrome in Amsterdam, Holland. I had to get the motor for our Eyms wired up and a switch cut in. He returned at 12:30 and his tail gunner had the calf of his leg blown off by flack & the waist gunner was also wounded slightly. The Capt returned OK. They had another mission after dinner but all of us was petered out so we said screw you & we all hit the sack. All of us have to get our shots tomorrow & also our physical examination. I’m turning in early tonite. Bet I sleep.

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