Sat, October 31, 1942

I went home & was tired. I went right to bed. I took the car for I was supposed to go to Santa Ana to see Leonard Clark & drove up this evening at 5:00. I got there at 7:00 & waited until 9:00 to try and see him. I failed so I left & arrived home at 11:00 tired and disgusted.


Sun, October 31, 1943

Got up at 8:00 this morn & ate & then showered, shaved & got ready for church. We have been saving our oranges & so this morning took them to the sisters to dish out to the kids at the nursery. They were sure pleased to get them. Went to church at Bury St. Edmonds. We got paid this morning. I got shorted $90.00 but will get it tomorrow. Played poker again tonite. Won £1.


Tue, October 31, 1944

Left Grand Island at 9:00 & stopped Colo Springs, Denver & arrived at Ogden, UT at 6:00 where we stayed the night.


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