Sun, October 4, 1942

Slept late all tired out from dance. Went to 12:00 mass then spent rest of day home. Bros Harry & Bob and wife’s were both over to see me. Harry was ½ tight & knocked over my front fence. Retired at 10:00 & was glad to get into that old bed of mine.


Mon, October 4, 1943

We slept until 9:00 this morning. I was the first awake & dressed & had my coffee at the crew room. Then I went to the docs and had my 64. I passed everything 1st class & doc said you must of taken good care of yourself Sgt for you are sure in good shape for as old as you are. The dentist said I needed one tooth filled & cleaned so next Tue I go for that. When I returned there was a 1:30 brief for a mission & the Capt & I were to go. We were to bomb the airdrome of Evreux, France. We were to take off at 3:22 but at 3:20 they washed it up & we unloaded & returned. The weather closed in over the target. Am going to write a few letters to nite & go to bed early.


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