Mon, October 5, 1942

When Mary dropped me off this morn at 6:30 the squadron was all out. We were ready to move right after chow. We tore our bed down & packed our clothes in our bags then we helped load the tucks & at 11:00 we were convoyed over to Hal Roach studio. We ate on arrival here using our mess kits. Will have this to do for a while now. After chow we moved in all the beds & furniture & around three we were finished & all unloaded. I picked up a room over the paint shop and fixed it up. After chow went to see “Mrs. Minerva” at Culver City. Good show & had a couple of beers.

Tue, October 5, 1943

Was up early this morning & after breakfast we started making the asterdome so we could mount a camera in it. At noon I went to the bank cashed my check & got the money order to send home. Went to Marks Hall & moved the rest of our equipment over here. It’s rather bad weather today & the wind is blowing quite a gale. We got a new & bigger trailer lab today & is it a honey. It’s a 100% complete & twice as big as our present one. Stopped by & saw Mr. & Mrs. Wiseman at Braintree also had a letter from their daughter. She’s going to write to mine. They gave me a sack of apples to bring back. Got a letter from Rosemary today with Ronnie’s picture & hers. I was sure pleased with them & am going to mount them tonite. Wrote 2 letters & am going to bed early. Will have to hook up other lab tomorrow.


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