Thu, September 10, 1942

Thing that impressed me most was the 16″ CA rifle. Arrived at at induction station at 8:00. Finished at 10:00. Worked in supply room & loaded and unloaded 2 trucks. Left at 4:00 for Fort MacArthur. Arrived at 5:15. Had first army dinner, roast beef, dressing, pot and gravy, salad, dessert, and fresh fruit. After dinner, received towels, razor, t-brush, & ties. At 6:00 went for my GI haircut. Stood in line till 10:00. Boy do I look naked. To barracks at 10:00, shower and to bed. We sleep too much.


Fri, September 10, 1943

Slept thru breakfast this morning & talked most of the day about our vacation. In the evening, we walked over to see the chaplain about our party for Ronnie Tue. I have to go up there tomorrow. In the evening we drove over to Marks Hall and I had a few beers at the PX with a WAC named O’Neal. She to was born in Pitt. We had quite a gab fest & was back into the field at midnite. It really poured down after we left and all night. Boy did I sleep. 


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