Fri, September 11, 1942

Up at 4;45 & washed & cleaned up & to eat at 6:00. 7:00 we went to get tests, Finished at 10:00, got 113 on one & 111 on another. At 11:30 finished my interview. Dinner at 12. At one left for our shots. One doctor on each arm. Got out just in time almost knocked me out. Then to insurance & allotment office. At 4 we were in the supply getting uniforms. Lady luck was with me I got a swell deal. Everything was swell. Ate at 5:00 and then a shower and to canteen for a coke. I’ll be in bed at 8:00. Oh my arms


Sat, September 11, 1943

Slept in again today and did not get up until 9:30. Wrote some letters this morning & then at 1:00 we had a briefing. It was so foggy you could not see the runway. It was a power station at Rouen, France. The visibility was so poor our Capt. decided not to go so it was called off for us and I spent the afternoon bunk fatigue. They done all right tho for they just got back and they hit the target. I wrote several letters tonite & then am going to bed early. I want to go to early mass if I can in the morning. Mandy & Elliot are leaving on their furlough tonite or tomorrow.

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