Sat, September 12, 1942

My vaccination is taking. Arms still hurt. Well at last we left Fort MacArthur. Left 9:30 arrived at PE station 11:00. Arrived at Vitagraph at 11:45, ate, had our bunks issued and learned to make our bed their way. Took care of our clothes the rest of the day. Called wife & was it good to hear her voice. She’s coming over to see me tonite. Have to talk across fence.

Sun, September 12, 1943

Got up late but made breakfast. Went to 11:00 mass & then after dinner went over to the orphanage and arranged for Ronnie’s party. Chaplain Muller & RC Director Welsh went with me. The sisters were really enthused about it. I know we will have a good time. After I came back I drove over to Marks Hall for the mail and then back to eat. After supper we went up to the Red Cross & had cokes and read a while. It rained like hell during the nite & we almost got washed away. Went to bed at 9:30.

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