Sun, September 13, 1942

Ronnie spent the whole day with me. He was sure proud of me. In camp at 11:00 & to bed. Got my first pass which was to go to church. Mary came after me at 9:00 & we the family went to 10:00 mass. Spent the afternoon & eve with sis & bro Harry and at home. Father Meade gave me a prayer book, crucifix, & rosary in a nice kit. It was good to get home again & have my family around me. Ronnie brought 2 little friends over & I drilled for them.


Mon, September 13, 1943

Slept in and missed our breakfast today. Drove the Capt. over to Marks Hall for laundry & business. The special service officer is getting me comedies & children’s films for a 1½  hour show for the kids tomorrow. Have to drive in early in the morning to London after them. The mess sgt. & cook baked me a cake 18 inches in dia & 4 in high chocolate covered icing for the kids. I have about 100 candy bars & gum & live savers. I also am giving them 10# sugar to make extra sweets for them. I also have games and a ball & a bat to take them. Cpl Lynch is going to run the projector & Sgt. Rosenblatt is going to take pictures of the party. The chaplain is also going to have 2 or 3 of the boys he knows to go along & put on an act. Director Welsh is also going along. Well must get in early for have a lot to do tomorrow.  

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