Mon, September 14, 1942

Well we started out to drill today. I found it so much different than the old drill. It wasn’t hard to master. There are now 28 in my platoon & as soon as we get 12 more we go to work in earnest. The Lt. gave us a talk & explained the why & wherefore of this outfit. I think it’s going to be the tops. We also had an inspection by Major Keigley & he said we were all OK. Got to go & call Ronnie up. It’s his birthday & he’ll be waiting. I am going to retire early tonite. I just finished sewing on my insignias.

Tue, September 14, 1943

Had to drive into London this morn at 8:00 and pick up the films for the kids. I got 4 reels of comedy & was back at the base at 1:00. At 1:45 we left for the home. The sisters had 7 boys all dressed up waiting for me. The chaplain & Red Cross & 3 other boys & Rosenblatt & Lynch from our outfit were there. We gave a show for all 60 of the boys and then after we had tea and watched the kids eat their cake & tea. The sisters made us each have a cup of tea & cake. I cut the cake & the sisters had seven candles on it. I gave each of the seven an American penny & a PFC stripe. We had over 100 candy bars, most of which I saved from my rations since I have been at the ETO. We also left some games for them. We had enough candy & cake for all 60 of the boys. The mess Sgt. & 1st cook baked the cake,  (choc) layer. We all left at 5:00 and the kids & sisters lined up & bid us good bye & there were tears in my eyes as we left. Ben R took about 6 pic of all of us in various poses.

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