Fri, September 18, 1942

Drilled in the morning & afternoon had a practice drill for review Sat. If we are good we will get passes now & be able to go home. Done good, the CO said if we done half as good we were OK. The 1st Sgt said if we took up a collection of $2.20 the restriction would be off. We done it quick so every bodies happy.


Sat, September 18, 1943

Left this morning after breakfast for London. Took the film in I shot over Beaumont-la-Ronce, France and got my flying time straightened out. Was there until 4:00 & then started back. As usual got lost & was 1 hour hour getting out of London. Got back to the field at 7:15 and ate and then went to Public Relations office to give them the dope on Ronnie’s birthday party. They are going to publish it in the L.A. papers. Made the kids a warrant last nite & did not get to bed until midnite.

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