Fri, September 4, 1942

Took physical today. Was 2# (126#) under weight, passed OK. Was told to report Thu for trip to Ft. MacArthur. Took 3 hrs to go Thu. Saw lots of grief. Mothers parting from sons.

Sat, September 5, 1942

Worked over on my last nite. Worked till 5:30 Sun morn. Bid all good bye. Had plenty yo do on stage 2 and 6. Thought night would never end.


Sun, September 6, 1942

Went to 6:00 mass. Slept till 2:30. Took family to show. Don Triano and James Cane called. Don’s due to be reclassified. Went to bed at 1:30, didn’t sleep well. To excited I guess.

Mon, September 7, 1942

Labor day. Cleaned out garage so I could get car in before I left. Cleaned out all my junk. Got rid of a lot. Packed it away for I don’t know how long.


Tue, September 8, 1942

Got up early. Burned trash, watered lawn and all the trees. Went over to the studio to get my checks & bond money turned in. Got there at 5:00. Saw all the boys. Had a few with them. Took family to show.

Wed, September 9, 1942

Slept till 10:00. Wife had car out getting kids school clothes. After, I done all my shopping. Finished at 6:00. Must get to bed early. Leave early in morn for Fort MacArthur. Earl Zell is coming over to go too. Same outfit.

Thu, September 10, 1942

Thing that impressed me most was the 16″ CA rifle. Arrived at at induction station at 8:00. Finished at 10:00. Worked in supply room & loaded and unloaded 2 trucks. Left at 4:00 for Fort MacArthur. Arrived at 5:15. Had first army dinner, roast beef, dressing, pot and gravy, salad, dessert, and fresh fruit. After dinner, received towels, razor, t-brush, & ties. At 6:00 went for my GI haircut. Stood in line till 10:00. Boy do I look naked. To barracks at 10:00, shower and to bed. We sleep too much.


Fri, September 11, 1942

Up at 4;45 & washed & cleaned up & to eat at 6:00. 7:00 we went to get tests, Finished at 10:00, got 113 on one & 111 on another. At 11:30 finished my interview. Dinner at 12. At one left for our shots. One doctor on each arm. Got out just in time almost knocked me out. Then to insurance & allotment office. At 4 we were in the supply getting uniforms. Lady luck was with me I got a swell deal. Everything was swell. Ate at 5:00 and then a shower and to canteen for a coke. I’ll be in bed at 8:00. Oh my arms


Sat, September 12, 1942

My vaccination is taking. Arms still hurt. Well at last we left Fort MacArthur. Left 9:30 arrived at PE station 11:00. Arrived at Vitagraph at 11:45, ate, had our bunks issued and learned to make our bed their way. Took care of our clothes the rest of the day. Called wife & was it good to hear her voice. She’s coming over to see me tonite. Have to talk across fence.

Sun, September 13, 1942

Ronnie spent the whole day with me. He was sure proud of me. In camp at 11:00 & to bed. Got my first pass which was to go to church. Mary came after me at 9:00 & we the family went to 10:00 mass. Spent the afternoon & eve with sis & bro Harry and at home. Father Meade gave me a prayer book, crucifix, & rosary in a nice kit. It was good to get home again & have my family around me. Ronnie brought 2 little friends over & I drilled for them.


Mon, September 14, 1942

Well we started out to drill today. I found it so much different than the old drill. It wasn’t hard to master. There are now 28 in my platoon & as soon as we get 12 more we go to work in earnest. The Lt. gave us a talk & explained the why & wherefore of this outfit. I think it’s going to be the tops. We also had an inspection by Major Keigley & he said we were all OK. Got to go & call Ronnie up. It’s his birthday & he’ll be waiting. I am going to retire early tonite. I just finished sewing on my insignias.

Tue, September 15, 1942

Got my bonus check from Warner’s $282.00. Wife will get it tonite. Finished at 3:00 & played ball until 4:00. Stood retreat at 5:00 and then ate & dressed & waited for the family. Wife, Rosemary, Ronnie came over at 7:00 & we went to the theater & saw “Dive Bombers” & a floor show put on by the boys here at camp. Cpl. McLain really had Ronnie laughing. Had a fairly easy day. Drilled a little in the morning & then in the afternoon at 1:00 stood in line and filled out wife’s allotment. I give 22 – the Gov 28 + 12½ for Rosie and 10 for Ronnie.

Wed, September 16, 1942

Well we really put out today. I was in the goon squad about 10 min learning my column right & column left. After lunch we put on leggings and really got down to business. I’m sure tired. Wrote son Harry a letter at noon. About ½ of us had shots & some of the boys are rather sick.


Thu, September 17, 1942

Drilled again today and this afternoon the Lt. drilled us for about ½ hour & passed us OK. If we get by Sat for the review then we get leave off post provided the fellow that burned a hole in blanket turns himself in. Some one burned it then slipped it on some other bed. The whole barracks will be confined to camp for one week if it isnt’ found out who done it. Wrote to Aunt Bell & Uncle Steve last nite.

Fri, September 18, 1942

Drilled in the morning & afternoon had a practice drill for review Sat. If we are good we will get passes now & be able to go home. Done good, the CO said if we done half as good we were OK. The 1st Sgt said if we took up a collection of $2.20 the restriction would be off. We done it quick so every bodies happy.

Sat, September 19, 1942

Had barracks inspect and personal inspection, everything was OK. Then at 10:00 we passed in review. It went off swell. The CO was pleased & so were the inspect officers. Said that men who had drilled 6 to 8 weeks had done worse. We have had 5 days. Our passes never materialized tho on account of an article in the Hollywood Reporter criticizing our outfit. The Capt said it would be a full 21 days before we get out. There was almost a mutiny in the barracks. They also quit letting us see our visitors out in the cars. They are not letting us have nothing. We have to be just right. CO one my laundry today, nice and white.


Sun, September 20, 1942

Up at 6:00 & ate & tidied up my bunk and ate. My wife came after me at 7:00 & I went home. At 9:30 went to visit my sister & saw Carol & her hubby & mother-in-law. Carol fears Ben is going to be called. At 10:00 went to bro Harry’s & stayed till 10:30. At 11:00 Mary, Rosemary, & Ronnie and I went to mass. After mass I returned to camp at 12 and ate & the rest of the day I spent in reading & resting


Mon, September 21, 1942

Drilled a little in morning and then signed my first payroll. After lunch played softball. Our side won 9-7. Received a letter from Al Lindler at Indio. Will write a few letters tonite and bed early.


Tue, September 22, 1942

Nothing much happened today. Setting up exercise & ½ day drill. The afternoon was spent playing ball. The kids & Mary & Harry & Elsie & sis came over to see the show. They had to leave right after orders. I sure hated to see them go. Wanted so bad to go with them.


Wed, September 23, 1942

Well we had a second typhoid shot today. It didn’t bother me a bit until about 6 at nite & I had a fever for 2 hours. I played ping pong 2 games & that kept my arm from getting stiff. Well the long awaited news came today. We start to work at 8:30 at Hal Roach’s studio checking over & listing all grip equipment. We have to be ready to go by Oct 7th. Received a letter from Harry. He’s ready to leave in 15 to 45 days. He’s happy tho. God watch over him.


Thu, September 24, 1942

We we went to work today. Inventoried all grip equipment on stages 4 & 5. Everybody was pleased with the equipment & lot. Finished at 5:00. We are now 1st Class Privates. I am going to try and get into the paint dept. Grips are a little too clannish for me. There is only one painter & he is the dept head so I ought to do alright. Everybody is talking about if we get our class A pass Sat. There sure will be a lot of disappointed men if we don’t. Had our show last nite, the family attended to Ray Erlenborn with sound effects, brought down house.


Fri, September 25, 1942

Well I jumped from the grip dept to the paint shop. I am the only painter beside the dept head. I think this will be much better than the grips. I cut out 6 US stencils & flatted in 12 signs. That consisted of my days work. Bob Goldman from the studio sent me a cartoon of Chesterdale. Got our first issue of our newspaper called Retake. Pretty good. Lot of the lab boys & writers left today. Lab to Dayton & writers to Randolph, Texas


Sat, September 26, 1942

Spent most of the day making signs. Left Roach’s at 3:30. They gave us our permanent passes today. We couldn’t wait until we got back to dress & leave. I went over to Mother’s at studio and met some of the boys I worked with, Cox & Irwin. Bought me a beer & before I knew it I had 4 more to drink.


Sun, September 27, 1942

Took my laundry home Sat & Mary got up early & washed them. After 11:00 church I came home & pressed them. Bob & Clara came over & we had a few beers. They left early & I was in bed by 10:00. Mary brought me in Mon morn & 6:30.


Mon, September 28, 1942

More signs today. Mary baked me an apple pie & did the boys go for it. It really tasted good. They got one of the stages cleaned out to sleep in & a temporary mess made up in the mill. We are supposed to move over there Thursday. Came in on the first truck again that let us out of there at 3:30. We are to get our 2nd tetanus shot at 6:00 tonite. Oh my.

Tue, September 29, 1942

Well I finished the large sign to hang by the gate at Roach’s. I thought I was going to get my tetanus shot but it’s Wed nite. They’ll shoot the money to us & the shots to us tomorrow. We are having a good pic at the show tonite, “Across the Pacific.” It’s just out a couple of weeks. Mary and the kids are coming out to see it. Went up town last nite with Irving & Silbert & called on several friends but all were busy so I was back in bed by 9:30. Had 5 beers and a lousy time. Jingle Jangle tomorrow.


Wed, September 30, 1942

Not much work today. Cut stencils most of the time. Well today was payday, $34.84 was the roll they handed me. Right after pay we had our 3rd typhoid shot. Arm so far OK. Went home tonite to see the family. Was pretty sick around midnite. 


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