Fri, September 1, 1944

Was taken to the hospital today with my leg. The doc thinks I might be sent back to the states. It’s sure giving me hell and I can hardly walk on it. Doc is going to send me to the 231st for examination & he’s going with me. Says I should be sent home. All the old boys were examined today for their trip back for a rest in the states.

Sun, September 3, 1944

Bombed Beauvais, France. Marsh Yards. Capt. Wesley.

Mon, September 4, 1944

Bombed St. Pol, France.

Was taken to the 231 Station Hospital for examination. Doc said he thought I had a ruptured disc & I was to be sent to the 65 Gen to make sure.


Tue, September 5, 1944

Bombed Ghent, Belgium.

Was examined at the Gen Hosp here today & admitted. The doc says I have a ruptured disc & will have to go back to the states to have it operated on.

Wed, September 6, 1944

Bombed marshaling yards Amiens, France. Culver


Fri, September 8, 1944

Bombed Boulogne, France. Gun emplacements. Mandy. Edwards.


Sat, September 9, 1944

Bombed Boulogne, France. G.E. Edwards lost.


Thu, September 21, 1944

Was transferred to the Detachment of Patients & transferred to Ward 56 to await shipment to the states. I have been in bed since the 1st of Sept & my legs about the same. Some nights I cannot stand it at all. Have been taking medicine to make me sleep.