Fri, September 25, 1942

Well I jumped from the grip dept to the paint shop. I am the only painter beside the dept head. I think this will be much better than the grips. I cut out 6 US stencils & flatted in 12 signs. That consisted of my days work. Bob Goldman from the studio sent me a cartoon of Chesterdale. Got our first issue of our newspaper called Retake. Pretty good. Lot of the lab boys & writers left today. Lab to Dayton & writers to Randolph, Texas


Sat, September 25, 1943

Got up this morning at 8:00 and never closed my eyes all night. Boy what beds. Wooden beds & wooden slats with a thin mattress on it. After cleaning up at the office went to breakfast & then had Ben drop me off at Kingston. I ate dinner at the RC there & then looked up Gaye the WAAF who was so nice to me at the RC dance one nite. I went out to her post & we took in a movie & dinner & after went to the dance in the Thames the Casino. She had to be in by 11:00 so we left at 10:30 & after bidding her good nite with a promise she would show me London on the marrow. I went over to Hurst Park where we were first sent & they put me up for the nite. They sure did like us boys there & always give us good treatment whenever we go back. Mandy & Culver went on another raid today, St. Omer Airdrome.

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